The 1996 disaster movie Twister is getting a big screen sequel from Universal Pictures with Fresh star Daisy Edgar-Jones in the lead role, per Deadline.

Minari director Lee Isaac Chung is helming the creatively-titled next chapter, Twisters, from a script by The Revenant writer Mark L. Smith, with sights on a July 19th 2024 theatre release. The film will be co-financed by Warner Bros.

Twister centred on Bill and Jo Harding (Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt), advanced storm chasers on the brink of divorce who must team up to test an advanced weather alert system by putting themselves in the cross-hairs of extremely violent tornadoes sweeping across Oklahoma.

Though some reports state that Hunt is returning for the sequel, that seems unlikely. Rumours of a potential remake first begun swirling in 2020, while the next year, Hunt claimed she had tried to pitch a more diverse sequel but that the concept hadn’t been picked up by any studios.

Instead, other outlets have stated that Twisters won’t have any connection to the 1996 film’s characters, and that instead, Edgar-Jones will star as a former storm chaser who, after surviving a disastrous tornado encounter, now works a desk job. However, she will soon be forced to go out into the breach once more (of course).

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