Hasbro has relaunched one of their most sought-after roleplay/cosplay style items; a working Star-Lord helmet. This fancy hat won’t actually turn you into a legendary outlaw, but is a full (1:1) scale reproduction of Peter Quill’s helmet, as seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Previously impossible to get for less than the cost of a cybernetic arm or leg, this very fancy toy can be pre-ordered at Hasbro Pulse UK, with a retail price of about £140. With movie-accurate sculpting and detailing across the helmet, this cool bit of merch will generate movie-inspired sound effects, and pressing a button on the side of the helmet will make it light up.

Perfect for any Guardians of The Galaxy fans and the start of a fun project for very serious cosplayers, the Marvel Legends Series Star-Lord Electronic Role Play Helmet is adjustable and might just help you save the galaxy!

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