Reviews | Written by James Hanton 09/11/2020



Powerhouse Animation Studios and Netflix have already reaped the benefits of their collaboration in the form of Castlevania, a leading contender in any discussion of the best video game adaptation. They come together again for Blood of Zeus, based in apparently ‘unrecorded’ Greek mythology. It sustains an awesome creative streak throughout all eight episodes, but is let down by a lack of surface-level and narrative detail that would set it apart from the slew of other anime offerings you can choose from.

Blood of Zeus is a looker. Landscapes from lowly townships to the heights of Mount Olympus are traced with vivid colour, accompanied by Tyler Barton’s scores that would not feel out of place in the sweeping historical epics of Hollywood’s Golden era. When the battles come, especially in the grand finale, they are great to watch, even if they seem to lack the elaborate choreography of Castlevania. The reimagining of the Gods also merits attention, the dynamic between Zeus and Hera proving by far to be the most compelling element of the series. It is unfortunate that the hero Heron is not given the same detail, rarely emerging as anything more than a young blue-eyed padawan going through the motions. His great enemy, the demon Seraphim, is far more convincing, thanks in large part to great voice work by Elias Toufexis.

Too many elements of the story feel second hand, and too many characters aren’t given the detail they need. Blood of Zeus is artistically triumphant, but it's frustrating to watch when you know that Powerhouse are capable of much, much better.