While we eagerly await the release of Hunter Schafer’s Cuckoo – which will have its world premiere next week at the Berlin International Film Festival – it appears the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes actress has already set her next horror feature: Palette, for which Zach Strauss is both writer and director. It marks Strauss’ feature directorial debut. Deadline also reports that the psychological horror will co-star You Won’t Be Alone‘s Noomi Rapace.

In Palette, Schafer stars as Dolly, a woman suffering from extreme synaesthesia, a rare condition through which she is able to hear colours. Per the synopsis, “she is recruited into a secretive, cult-like industry of colour design, where she discovers the dark reality of what it takes to make the world’s greatest hues.” For her part, Rapace will play the company’s enigmatic executive, Latrice. Frankie Shaw has also been cast as Sidney, Dolly’s cutthroat rival.

“I feel beyond lucky to be making this dark and twisted movie with a truly exceptional cast and with such incredible partners in Anton, I know we’re going to create something really special,” said Strauss.

Producer John Zois praised Strauss’ “compelling and completely distinctive” screenplay. “We are putting together a team that will bring the stunning visuals of the story to the screen. Hunter and Noomi are truly perfect for our two leads and I cannot wait to see them bring these rich and unique characters to life. We could not be more excited about this film.”

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