After last year’s Evil Dead Rise became a box office hit, we knew it was only a matter of time until Sam Raimi’s comedy-horror universe was further expanded. Well, now Deadline reports that Sébastien Vaniček has been hired by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House Pictures to direct and co-write an untitled Evil Dead spinoff.

Sébastien Vaniček only made his feature debut with Infested (Vermines) in 2023, continuing Raimi’s plan to hand pick up-and-coming filmmakers and invite them to take the Deadites for a spin. The franchise was created by Raimi, with 1981’s same-name film starring Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams launching a trilogy of films. Fede Alvarez then directed his own take on the original classic back in 2013, which paved the way for Lee Cronin’s Evil Dead Rise last year. There was also a Starz TV series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, that launched in 2015 and ran for three seasons.

Infested (Vermines) made its North American premiere at Fantastic Fest recently, having debuted at Venice Film Festival, and will release on Shudder from April 26th. The French-Moroccan film follows “Kaleb, who’s about to turn 30 and has never been lonelier. He’s fighting with his sister over a matter of inheritance and has cut ties with his best friend. Passionate about exotic animals, he comes home one day with a venomous spider and accidentally let it slip away.” It isn’t long before the residents of a rundown French apartment building are forced to battle against an army of deadly, rapidly reproducing spiders.

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