News TV | Written by Andrew Pollard 29/05/2020

UPGRADE TV Series in the Works

With Leigh Whannell delivering a modern-day sci-fi masterpiece with Upgrade, it’s fantastic to hear that a sequel of sorts is on the way for this 2018 movie.

Courtesy of Bloody Disgusting, Blumhouse Television and UCP are taking Upgrade to the small screen.

This TV series take on Upgrade will pick things up several years after the events of the Logan Marshall-Green-headlined film. In that picture, Marshall-Green’s Grey Trace sees his wife killed in a horrific mugging which also leaves him paralysed. When he’s approached by a billionaire tech genius, Grey accepts the offer of an experimental chip – STEM – which gives him enhanced abilities.

In this Upgrade show, the landscape of the movie will be expanded on, with the government now in possession of STEM and using it as a way to keep on top of criminal activity.

Whannell will serve as executive producer on Upgrade alongside showrunner Tim Walsh. Walsh is best known for his work on the likes of Shooter and Treadstone. The Purge’s James Roland and Krystal Ziv Houghton are joining Whannell and Walsh in a writer’s room for the series.

This is all part of the exclusive first-look deal Leigh Whannell has recently penned with Blumhouse for both movie and TV projects.