After the disappointing box-office and fan reaction to 2016’s Blair Witch, many assumed that would be the end of the franchise for the foreseeable future.

Speaking on the latest episode of film podcast, Diminishing Returns [hyperlink:], Eduardo Sanchez (co-director of 1999’s The Blair Witch Project), revealed that he and the original creative team are developing a TV series follow up.

In the interview, Sanchez points out that he and the rest of the film’s creative team no longer own the rights to the property, so any decisions will ultimately be up to Lionsgate, but he sees it as a viable future for the series.

“For us, it’s a very natural thing to go and say ‘Hey, let’s do a frickin’ Blair Witch show and you can say it’s from the original creators and we can bring in a whole bunch of interesting directors to direct episodes’.”

Pressed whether it might take the form of an anthology series mixing prequel content with found-footage, Sanchez responded:

“Well, you know, I can’t really discuss. I think that the idea of a Blair Witch anthology has always been very – just a really interesting thing. You’re close. You’re in the ballpark. The more you think about it, you’re like ‘That might be the perfect [continuation]… a TV show’. So, we’ll see what happens, but I think that’s the next big thing for Blair Witch. Probably TV.”

You can listen to the full interview, which covers everything from the production of the original film to 2016’s Blair Witch’s similarities to The Force Awakens here .

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