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THUNDERCATS Are on the Move… to Hollywood!

Perhaps even more surprising than the news a ThunderCats movie is officially on the way, is the fact that it’s 2021 and we haven’t got a ThunderCats movie yet!

Since its introduction as an animated series in 1985, the property has managed to cement itself in the lexicon of geek culture, despite lacking the aggressiveness of some of its ‘80s peers. (Even G.I. Joe has spawned two live action movies, with a third – Snake Eyes – due later this year.) The ThunderCats franchise has sporadically produced comic books and action figures, and has been relaunched – to differing acclaim – just twice; most recently in the more comedic ThunderCats Roar. Yet just about everybody can sing that theme tune and wield their own imaginary Sword of Omens whilst uttering the iconic “thunder… thunder… ThunderCats HOOO!”. Perhaps if Hollywood had asked their own Sword of Omens to give them “Sight Beyond Sight”, they’d have seen what potential cash cows these Cats are and greenlit this project thirty years ago.

But better late than later, and today comes news that writer/director Adam Wingard will follow up Godzilla vs Kong with a live-action take on ThunderCats for Warner Bros. Wingard will once again be working with screenwriter Simon Barrett on the film, continuing their successful collaboration that began with A Horrible Way to Die in 2010, and continued on through the next decade with genre classics such as You’re Next and The Guest.

Don’t expect to be visting Thundera or Third Earth until 2023 at the very earliest, but at least we can all start having fun assembling our dream cast lists! Dave Bautista for Panthro, anybody? Kristen Wiig as Cheetara? Nah, scratch that last one, that’ll never work.

Source: Deadline

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