A live-action feature adaptation of the recently-released supernatural, first-person horror video game The Mortuary Assistant is in development, courtesy of DreadXP and its parent company Epic Pictures Group, Deadline reports.

The Mortuary Assistant game brings players into the world of Rebecca Owens, a mortician working her first night on the job. However, it may be more than she bargained for as she learns of a sinister presence at River Fields Mortuary. When the dead begin to awaken and malevolent spirits bind themselves to her, Rebecca must learn how to combat demons to make it through the night.

Slapface helmer Jeremiah Kipp is aboard to direct the Mortuary Assistant film adaptation from his own script. “There’s a quiet, unnerving intensity to The Mortuary Assistant that creeps into the player, creating a sense that something terrible could happen at any moment,” said Kipp. “Writing the adaptation, I wanted to celebrate all of the game that terrified me as well as create a companion piece to it – honouring the dense creepy world developer Brian Clarke (DarkStone Digital) made and translating it into the visual storytelling and character driven horror of narrative filmmaking.

“I want to retain the minimalist setting in and around the mortuary, the fascination with the process of embalming, and the nerve shredding terror of the gameplay. Rebecca Owens is a fascinating character, vulnerable because of a traumatic past and committed in her self-reliance. It has been a truly crazy ride living in Brian’s twisted world, and that’s the experience we want to give the viewer.”

No word yet on casting or a potential release date, but stay tuned! Watch the game trailer below:

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