Reviews | Written by EdFortune 16/01/2021



As the table-top gaming hobby continues to expand, there has been an ever growing demand for better toys with which to play our games of make-believe. Though a lot of table-top gaming is done via services such a Zoom and DNDBeyond,  there is something special about being able to touch physical representations of the fantasy worlds living in your mind.

Warlock Tiles Dungeon Tiles 2 is Wizkid’s latest solution to those looking to build a 25mm scale dungeon to fight dragons in. The main difference between this set and Dungeon Tiles 1 is the full height walls. This means that when it comes to things like line of site and ambushes it’s easier to figure out. It also looks cooler.

It’s a modular, click together set and the box comes with plenty of pieces that will let you clip it together with many similar products.  The doors swing open and the torches and banners can be fit cleanly into place if needed. The floor tiles flip over so you can pick a wooden floor or a cold stone floor. The outer walls are off-set, so the big out walls won’t interefere with your dungeon design and they are caps you can plug in so you don’t end up with ‘raw’ look edges.  In short, this is a very specific construction set for fantasy fans.

The design is such that you have many options, be it an intricate game of D&D or Pathfinder, or a more straight forward game such as Descent or Heroquest.  At the Secret Starburst Gaming Thunderdome we’ve discovered that it’s ideal for games such as Mantic’s Dungeon Saga, which are a mix of skirmish gaming strategy and roleplaying. We also had a lot of fun chasing the a band of plucky fifth level D&D heroes  around narrow corridors with an angry Eye Tyrant.

Warlock Tiles Dungeon Tiles 2 is a luxury, but if you’re building immersive gaming experiences (and you have a big enough table), this is for you.

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