Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 15/07/2020



WarLock Dungeon Tiles are one of those gaming accessories that you don’t realise you need until you see them in use. They’re a click together set of dungeon and fantasy gaming scenery that can be used for display models, playing table top roleplaying games or playing your favourite dungeon crawler. We used them in games of Dungeon Saga, Warhammer Quest and Dungeons and Dragons and found them to be a perfect way to both set the mood and excite the players.

The core set is a box full of double sided, painted plastic dungeon tiles. One side is stone floor, the other wooden flooring. We get stone-effect interior and exterior walls as well as a variety of doors. These are all intended to bring a sense of realism and fun to any gaming experience, whilst also being quite robust and easy to store. The result is rather pleasing; once you put it all together the whole thing looks an old-school gaming set-up. This arrangement normally takes up a lot of room, but the set packs up easily, allowing you to create an almost ideal gaming set-up. The box is designed for quick storage and is well thought out.

The pieces do require some planning. They are very tough components and the warlock clips that hold everything together require a little bit of force, but once you’ve gotten used to it the system is very smooth. Setting up a scene will be slow the first time and then rapid afterwards. The system is also effortlessly compatible with similar dungeon tile systems, which was a pleasant surprise.

We reviewed this set with Dungeon Dressings expansion and this complements the set perfectly. Crates, beds, barrels and so on. The fact that the treasure chests contain removable treasure is particularly delightful. We also got our hands on the Doors & Archways add-on, and had a lot of fun playing with the secret passage-way wall and various door types. Both those expansions have a lot of potential for dioramas and modelling projects, should you be so inclined.

This is the sort of high quality gaming accessory that we have come to expect from Wizkids and the paint-job on all the components is excellent quality. Great pieces all done very well. If you’re the sort of gamer who likes eye-popping visuals and want to be able change the scenery quickly, this is a solid investment for the gaming table.


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