Reviews | Written by Mark Newbold 12/06/2021


The debut season of The Bad Batch continues to unfold as our roving clones return to Ord Mantell to collect their pay and learn some harsh realities, not only from their Trandoshan ally Cid but also from a returning friend in the form of perennial The Clone Wars favourite Captain Rex, who is less than thrilled to learn that Clone Force 99 still have their inhibitor chips installed in their heads. Making a very Aragorn entrance into the episode, we learn that not only was Rex the contact from last week’s final moments when the Martez sisters contacted a mystery person (no season long mysteries here a ‘la The Mandalorian), we also discover that Rex is already a fully functioning part of a rebellion against the new Galactic Empire, an organisation he wants his clone brothers to join.

However, before any galaxy saving can begin there's the not inconsequential matter of removing the inhibitor chips and that takes the team to the junk world of Bracca, created for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. A graveyard of abandoned starships, one ship in particular is of interest to Rex, a stranded Venator class destroyer that within it has a working med centre. We know the plan, get the chips out, but we've also watched Wrecker struggle week on week and this episode is where he finally loses control, turning on his brothers and hunting down Omega in a chilling scene as the usually avuncular Wrecker - we started the episode with Omega and Wrecker heading off to east Mantel Mix, the Star Wars equivalent of popcorn - turns serial killer.

Thankfully, the team are able to subdue Wrecker and get the chip out, along with their own, but nevertheless we're still at the beginning of the season and none of the Bad Batch are necessarily safe. We know characters like Rex, Bib Fortuna, and Fennec Shand will make it through the series, but as for Clone Force 99 there's no guarantee. Already we've lost sight of Crosshair, and as the show moves further into their post-Republic adventures there’s no reason why other members of the team couldn’t follow similar paths. A straightforward episode in terms of plot, but one rich in characterisation and team-building that makes it one of the best episodes of the show so far.

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