Reviews | Written by Mark Newbold 16/05/2021


As The Bad Batch hits its third episode, so the scope of the show becomes clear. While the relationships between Clone Force 99 and their sister Omega would appear to be the ‘A’ story, you could argue that while it provides all the kitchen sink elements any good soap requires, the prime focus is on the development of the post-Revenge of the Sith storyline as the clone army is dismantled, a conscripted service put in its place, and the Emperor’s loose ends tied up. While the clones are our guides through the series, it might not be the case that The Bad Batch TV show is uniquely about their post-Order 66 struggles.

That said, there’s plenty to chew on if the clones are what bring you to the table. Crashlanding on a moon after technical troubles knock them out of the sky, we find Wrecker clearly troubled – perhaps the knowledge there’s a physical chip in his head has rattled him more than we might imagine – while Omega is still finding her place in the team. As Hunter explains when they set out to retrieve a stolen part of their ship, each member of the team has a specific field and skill in which they excel. What Omega’s skill is yet to be determined, but her bravery is certainly not lacking, and as she proves her mettle by retrieving the part as Hunter is incapacitated, it’s clear she’s going to be far more valuable to the team than even they imagined.

The lush animation and voice performances, married to a score that propels the action along at a good click is attractive enough, but the story of Crosshair and his Imperial missions is intriguing – be prepared for some brutal moments on Onderon in this episode – and how the estranged marksman can be reunited with the team is a question fans will already be asking. As the Imperial era firms up and spreads its promise of peace and stability across the galaxy, and familiar faces like Tarkin stand at the epicentre of those changes, we’re sure to be in for some very interesting stories over the next 13 episodes.

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