Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 13/01/2021



Magic The Gathering is well known for its incredible art. Much of the game’s storytelling is done through the art on each of the cards and over the years, the many worlds of Magic have developed their own unique style and look.

Wizkids Magic The Gathering Unpainted Miniatures Wave 13 takes a selected run of iconic characters and creatures from the internationally acclaimed card game and turns them into models that you can paint.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the highlights of the current range.

In the card game, Isperia; Law Incarnate is a majestic and ornate Sphinx that can command whole armies. Their 3D version is a bold and ornate piece. Covered in lots of large detail, it’s a pleasure to paint though we suspect you’ll use a lot of gold.

Rakdos, Lord Of Riots is similarly a heavy hitter in this regard; he’s a legendary demon, commonly seen dominate black/red decks.  His model is appropriately huge for such an important monster, with lots of fine wing detail. He wields a massive scythe and this is one chunky piece all told.

Magic The Gathering goblins have a distinctive look to them, and the Goblin Guide & Goblin Bushwhacker are masterfully done. They look like they’ve leapt straight off a Magic The Gathering card, with their triangular faces, wicked grimace and detailed pose. Fun, though challenging to paint.

Similarly, the Stoneforge Mystic & Kor Hookmaster models are a good representation of the cards from the game. The mystic is a little more dynamic in 3D than they  are on their card, but the hookmaster is brilliantly posed, if a little fiddly due to their iconic weapon.

The rest of the range is similarly strong and it’s the closest we are going to get to seeing the card game in real life until they finally get round to making the movie.

Overall, this is a great range of Magic related models, suitable for a Ravnica or Theros D&D game, or for general table top gaming. If you wanted to go wild, you could also use these pieces as tokens for you games of Magic The Gathering, though if you have a deck full of goblins, that could get messy.

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