Wizards of the Coast’s forthcoming adventure and setting book, Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse, promises to send players and dungeon masters back to the trans-planar city of Sigil, the ever-changing magical metropolis that is a gateway to every and everything all at once. The set goes onto the shelves of all good gaming stores from October 17th, just in time for Halloween. 

The setting is perhaps best known for its spin-off video game, Planescape: Torment, and this is still regarded as one of the cornerstones of fantasy RPG videogame design to this day, thanks to its solid writing. The new book, Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse, is, in fact, three, all in a fancy slip-case. Fans of Torment will be delighted to learn that not only does the sarcastic floating skull Morte appear in the new book, but the adventure Turn of Fortune’s Wheel sees adventurers waking up in a mortuary, much like in Planescape. Unsure how they ended up there, the party must not only investigate their own past but also deal with alternate versions of themselves.  

This sounds like the sort of thing D&D players have been waiting for. 

The original Planescape came out in 1994 for the game’s 2nd Edition and expanded greatly on an older D&D concept: planar travel. In Dungeons & Dragons, players can not just visit other worlds but places made out of fire, ice, shadow, lands built of dreams or even forgotten memories or the laughter of long-dead gods. Much of D&D’s reality is based on the conflict between chaos, order, evil and good, and these all manifest in physical places, from the clockwork order of Mechanus to the terminal excitement of Pandemonium.

The set will include Sigil and The Outlands; The book will detail the various types of characters players can add to their game, as well as the strange city of Sigil (pronounced with a hard G) and its immortal ruler, the Lady of Pain, who’s name is only ever said with great reluctance. The various political factions that vie for power have been updated and revised, with new groups, such as the Hand of Havoc, taking prominence, as well as familiar groups, such as the extravagant Society of Sensation, still keeping power.

It wouldn’t be D&D without weird beasties, and the setting includes a book full of strange things (Morte’s Planar Parade), including horse-faced Equinals, planar incarnates, and time dragons.

Planescape: Adventures in the Multiverse builds on brilliant stories such as the Modron March and Dead Gods to create a new experience for old and new D&D players alike. Planescape is a well-established, beloved setting, and we’re really looking forward to this one. Also included is a map of both Sigil and The Outlands, in case you ever get lost, and a DM’s screen for hiding all your secrets.

Crammed with iconic art from many D&D artists, including Tony DiTerlizzi, whose work has given Planescape its unique look over the years, this is one we’re very excited about.

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