Having impressed many with its debut season, Stargirl has moved to cast two major villains for its second year.

Via Deadline, The Expanse’s Nick Tarabay will play the infamous Eclipso, while The Affair’s Jonathan Cake has landed the role of the Shade. Both of these actors have previous with The CW’s Arrowverse realm, with Tarabay having played Captain Boomerang in that shared universe, wile Cake has played Blackbeard in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Eclipso is a present who was teased during the final episode of Stargirl’s first season, and this villain is one who is vicious and terrifying prospect. Debuting back in 1963, the comic book Eclipso fell afoul of God and opted to use his powers to possess and abuse others. As for the Shade, his roots go even further back to 1942. Largely seen as a Flash foe, Shade is a master of shadow manipulation and is essentially immortal.

Expect more on Stargirl’s second season as we get it. In the meantime, UK fans can find the show’s entire first season on Amazon Prime Video.

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