Early 00’s hex-based wargame HEROSCAPE is back and it’s bringing it’s strongest warriors with it.

Seven never seen before Kyrie Warrior figures have just been revealed as part of the latest Heroscape HasLab, HEROSCAPE: AGE OF ANNIHILATION.   

The Kyrie are the most prominent sentient natives on Valhalla. Despite a sometimes bloody and violent history, the High Council of the Archkyrie had prevented the outbreak of major war for ages, preserving a certain balance between all the Kyrie tribes, that was until the Wellsprings were discovered and absolute carnage and destruction reigned across Valhalla, shattering peace and turning the tribes of Kyrie into the harbingers of death.

The new figures are part of the HeroQuest HasLab, HEROSCAPE: AGE OF ANNIHILATION which was revealed at PulseCon. 

HEROSCAPE: AGE OF ANNIHILATION transports you to the next era of the popular expandable miniature wargaming system.  It includes stunningly detailed miniatures that allow you to create your own rich world.

Using modular tiles, you build sprawling battlefields on which to play out battles between powerful and unconventional factions pulled not only from Earth but also from other planets across the galaxy.  

The game features:  

71 finely detailed miniatures, in moulded colours that denote their affiliations. 

50 army cards, providing game rules for your miniatures. 

An expandable hex-based modular tile terrain system, including 74 base pieces and 68 wall terrain pieces, 9 jungle terrain pieces, with which you can build varied, multilevel landscapes for your battles.  

5 original factions designed for this game, each with unique skills and strategies. Play as the Dryan Lifeborne Order, the Nemesis War Brood, the Dawn Raider Syndicate, the Clockwork Combine, or the Ironclad Collective! 

Customizable armies in which each figure is given a point value, allowing you to choose which units to include in your army to suit your own playstyle. 

Find out more about the crowdfunder campaign here.

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