News News TV | Written by Laura Potier 20/05/2022

DAREDEVIL Return To Series Is In The Works!

Everyone's favourite avocado at law is returning to the small screen, with news that Marvel Studios is moving forward with a Daredevil series for Disney+.

After several teases that Matt Murdock might return (including a fun cameo appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Wilson Fisk/Kingpin's (Vincent D’Onofrio) Hawkeye involvement), it's finally confirmed that Covert Affairs creators Matt Corman and Chris Ord have been tapped to write and exec produce a Daredevil series.

It will be notable for being the first of the Netflix Marvel shows – which also includes Jessica Jones, The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders team-up – to get a new but continued series. Charlie Cox portrayed the blind Hell's Kitchen vigilante for three seasons at Netflix, and fans have been clamouring for his return ever since the last episode aired in 2018.

Let's just hope that, having changed streamer to the much more family-centric Disney+, the new Daredevil series won't lose the grittiness and violence that made the show so great. No word yet on when the show might be coming to the platform, but this is a promising step further towards folding the Netflix-Marvel shows into the main MCU continuum.

Stay tuned for more information!