News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 23/07/2021

Critical Role launches Tal’ Dorei Campaign book

The world’s most watched Dungeons and Dragons game, Critical Role is to release a book based on the popular show which will let fellow gamers to run their own games based on the world of Critical Role. The campaign sourcebook, Tal’ Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn, will be released via Darrington Press, a games publishing house owned by the Critical Role crew.

The book is set between the first two campaigns of the Critical Role, so the events after Vox Machina and shortly before Mighty Nein begins.  It will be a full and complete sourcebook, filled with monster, locations, story hooks and more.  Nine subclasses unique to the setting have been added, as well as new backgrounds.  Artifacts familiar to fans will also be detailed, as well as new lore pertaining to the Vox Machina crew.

Celebrity Dungeon Master Matt Mercer is of course the lead designer, and he is joined by Hannah Rose and James J Haeck, both of whom have worked on RPG products with Matt in the past.

Tal’Dorei appeared in the first Critical Role campaign, Vox Machina. This same campaign will be the subject of an animated series coming soon to Amazon Prime. The book will be designed with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition in mind and will complement The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemont, a book set in the world of Critical Role, but published by Wizards of The Coast, who own Dungeons and Dragons.

The book will be out late 2021/early 2022. A deluxe version will be available via Beadle & Grimm.