Three sequels and a spinoff-crossover film wasn’t enough for the 1997 creature feature Anaconda, which not only has a new movie in development, but is getting a Chinese remake! From directors Xiang Qui Liang and Xiang He Sheng, the upcoming Anaconda film has just released its first trailer, complete with lots of giant snake-caused chaos.

In the 1997 original, a film crew is taken hostage by an insane hunter who forces them along on his quest to capture the world’s largest, and deadliest, snake. From the trailer, this Chinese remake looks to follow a similar storyline, centred on a reptile known as the Scarlet Naga. As a fun twist from the original movie though, this one appears to feature zombies.

The synopsis reads: “A group of circus performers, on their way to what they think is a new performance location, become stranded in a lush rainforest after the boat they were on, and the captain leading the way, are eaten and destroyed by an anaconda. They cross paths with a deadly poacher who is hunting the anaconda, who realizes that he might now have enough bait to catch him. But being circus performers, they have a few survival tricks up their sleeves.”

Terence Yin and Nita Xia lead the cast, starring alongside Paul Che, Jiu Kong, Ken Lok, Wang Xing Chen, Wang Gang, Wang Zi Run, Xu Shao Hang, and Wu Hao. Bloody Disgusting first reported the news.

Check out the Anaconda trailer below:

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