Well, this is a little out of left-field. Yes, as the headline suggests, the Anaconda franchise is returning to the silver screen.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, Columbia Pictures is at work on a new Anaconda movie that will indeed get a big-screen release.

To be penned by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Evan Daugherty, this fresh Anaconda offering is being described as “an all-new and all-modern take” on the original 1997 movie. Seemingly, this new film will be a reimagining of sorts for that ’97 feature, with this expected to be a big budget affair similar to The Meg.

Since Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, and Co. battled for survival in Anaconda, the property has received four straight-to-video follow-ups, a novel, and even several video games. And now, it looks as if the franchise is finally going to be slithering its way back to cinema screens.

As ever, expect more on this new Anaconda as we get it.

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