News Movies News TV | Written by Kris Heys 25/01/2021

Are Warner Bros Secretly Conjuring Up a HARRY POTTER Reboot for TV?

Despite its floundering Fantastic Beasts spin-off series and the exhausting toxic politics of its once-universally beloved creator, J.K. Rowling, The Wizarding World remains one of the biggest commercial franchises in the world to this day. It’s of little surprise then that when it comes to its live-action arm, rights-holders Warner Bros would prioritise some further exploitation of its universe, and being the jewel in that Wizarding crown, a revisiting of the Harry Potter series itself makes the most fiscal sense.

According to a Hollywood Reporter exclusive, Warner Bros and its burgeoning streaming platform HBO Max have been meeting writers to discuss the possibility of launching a Harry Potter TV series. The studio has denied such a project is in development (of course they did), but if these conversations have indeed started to take place, and we stand by THR’s story, you can be rest-assured it’s on its way.

Would you prefer a straight reboot, a sequel, or something original just based at Hogwarts itself? Will Rowlings’ pre-occupation with alienating a seismic portion of her once-loyal fanbase scupper the show’s popularity? There’s lots to discuss, so head over to our social channels and let us know what you guys think!