News Movies News | Written by Laura Potier 08/11/2021

Philip K. Dick’s VULCAN’S HAMMER Gets Movie Treatment

Philip K. Dick's 1960 sci-fi novel Vulcan's Hammer is being adapted under New Republic Pictures by Francis Lawrence, who helmed three of the Hunger Games films and the post-apocalyptic zombie movie I Am Legend.

Tackling anxieties around artificial intelligence, Vulcan's Hammer is set in 2029 CE, after a devastating world war sees the nations of Earth form the Unity party and cede global governance to the Vulcan AI system. The system algorithmically dictates policies for the Unity party to enact. However, after Vulcan is attacked, Unity director William Barris is called upon to figure out who, or what, wants to destroy the all-important system. The novel is considered the last outing of Dick's 1950s style pulp sci-fi writing, before he published his more "prestige" works like The Man in the High Castle, for which the author won the coveted Hugo Award.

Philip K. Dick's work has been an endless source of inspiration for the entertainment industry, serving as the basis for numerous big- and small-screen adaptations, from Blade Runner and Total Recallto Minority Report and Electric Dreams

The news was first reported by THR.