News TV | Written by Christian Jones 30/01/2014

TV News: iZOMBIE Adap Coming from The CW

Brains are on the menu as The CW has ordered a pilot for Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero’s iZombie which is, “about a med student-turned-zombie forced to work in a coroner’s office.”

Now if you’re thinking that this sounds familiar then you’d be right as the show will be based upon the Vertigo/DC comic originally created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, in which revenant gravedigger Gwen Dylan can pass as human providing she eats a brain once a month allowing her to retain her memories and intelligence.

Just how the show will reflect the comic is anybody’s guess. Some of the situations that occur in the comic fit perfectly The CW’s remit - romantic triangles, teen/twenty-something angst, parental friction, but how will it portray the more gruesome, horror aspects that are better suited to HBO or Starz etc.? And will Gwen keep her friendship alive with her ghost friend Ellie and Scott, a wereterrier, in this TV adaptation?

As always, stayed tuned.

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