By the power of Grayskull, Travis Knight is close to landing the director’s chair for the long-in-the-works live-action adaptation of Masters of the Universe for Amazon MGM Studios.

In the same fell swoop, Chris Butler is reportedly also being brought on to rewrite the existing script. This wouldn’t be the pair’s first collaboration: Travis Knight is the CEO for award-winning stop-motion animation studio LAIKA, while Butler wrote and co-directed ParaNorman, and wrote Kubo and the Two Strings, both of which are LAIKA films.

A Masters of the Universe feature film has long been in the works in Hollywood, which would centre Prince Adam, the young man who transforms into the super-muscled, Power Sword-wielding He-Man. In recent years, the project has moved from Sony to Netflix, then to Amazon MGM.

Even with this news, the project is far from certain to move forward. Over the past two decades, a staggering number of names have been attached to the would-be adaptation: from directors John Woo, Kung Fu Panda‘s John Stevenson, to John M. Chu and Jeff Wadlow, to McG and David S. Goyer, and more, the movie has been getting passed around like a hot potato. All that to say, this is far from a done deal in our books.

However, we’ll keep you updated on the project as we find out.


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