Somebody saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave me…

In some news that will have Smallville fans screaming with excitement, Tom Welling is finally going to don the Superman outfit once again.

Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Welling will be a part of the Arrowverse’s ginormous Crisis on Infinite Earths’ crossover event – as Superman!

It had previously been rumoured that the Smallville star would have a role to play in Crisis on Infinite Earths, but now it’s been confirmed that Welling will indeed be reprising the Kal-El role he played for ten seasons of Smallville.

After ten years of trials and tribulations, the very last episode of Smallville saw Clark Kent finally embrace the moniker of Superman – even if it was a hodgepodge of CGI and the suit used by Brandon Routh in Superman Returns.

Still, to this day, fans regularly clamour for Welling to take on the Superman role and show what happened once Smallville came to a close. And now, finally we all get to see what happened to Welling’s Man of Tomorrow.

In last year’s Elseworlds crossover, fans were teased with a little bit of Smallville as Remy Zero’s Save Me played while Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman was shown spending time with Lois Lane at Kent Farm. Now though, Hoechlin is going to be joined by two other Supermen in Crisis.

In addition to Hoechlin and Welling’s take on the Big Blue Boy Scout, Brandon Routh has long been confirmed to be picking up the Superman role he played in the aforementioned Superman Returns.

Seriously, all of this is the stuff of dreams for superhero geeks across the globe.

Looking from the outside in, it could almost be construed as DC TV trying to streamline a bunch of their shows into the same universe – essentially recreating what the Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book arc did to merge the DC multi-verse.

Away from Tom Welling’s Superman appearing – which typing that still makes us giddy – Crisis will include the utterly iconic voice of Batman: The Animated Series’ Caped Crusader, Kevin Conroy; John Wesley Shipp again taking on his headline gig on the ‘90s offering of The Flash; the Robin of the ‘60s Batman show, Burt Ward; and some of the characters from Black Lightning.

For fans of comics, fans of these shows, and fans of just generally fantastic genre television, this is just a truly special time to be alive.

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