In some news that’s sure to disappoint many a genre fan, Amazon has decided against renewing The Tick for a third season.

Creator Ben Edlund took to social media to confirm the news, although it appears that the hunt is on to find a new home for the series away from Amazon.

It was only last month that The Tick premiered its second, ten-episode season. And now, the Peter Serafinowicz-starring series has gone the way of the previous Patrick Warburton incarnation of The Tick. The 2000s show only managed to last for nine episodes before being cancelled, mind.

Still, as mentioned, it looks as if there may still be life in The Tick if Edlund has his way. For fans of the show, it’s a case of crossing fingers, toes and other crossable body parts in the hope that The Tick can find a home elsewhere.

As ever, expect more on a possible third season of The Tick if and when the series gets picked up by another platform or network.

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