News News TV | Written by Mark Newbold 17/12/2020


She's already back in the live-action realm of The Mandalorian, teaming up with the resurrected Boba Fett in the show's blockbusting second season, but that's not the only place you'll be finding Ming-Na Wen and her character Fennec Shand. The hotly anticipated sequel to The Clone Wars, titled The Bad Batch is coming our way soon on Disney+, and Ming-Na is joining the cast as Fennec Shand, playing a much younger version of her character almost three decades earlier down the timeline.

Speaking with the official Star Wars website, she couldn't contain her excitement at her return as Fennec.

Do you know how long I’ve had to keep silent about Fennec coming back? It’s a younger Fennec and she is voiced by me and I’m thrilled and beyond happy that Dave wanted to create more of a backstory for her.

Set at the beginning of the Imperial era, The Bad Batch will see a squadron of former Republic clone troopers strike out in their battles against the growing Empire. Where Shand fits into that is unclear, but having a genre staple like Ming-Na Wen involved is certainly going to elevate proceedings. Before then, we have her in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, teaming up with Boba Fett after her apparent death at the hands of Toro Calican in the fifth chapter of season one. Where her older self will land is also yet to be written, but either way, Fennec Shand is set to be an important player in both eras of the Star Wars story.

THE BAD BATCH will premiere on Disney+ in 2021.

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