Sales company Film Seekers has acquired the international rights to production company View35’s sci-fi thriller, The Draw, and will launch sales at the Cannes market.

The film, which is being billed as 1984 meets Equilibrium and stars The Hobbit’s Ryan Gage and War of the Worlds: The Attack’s Lara Lemon, hails from writer-director Tom Ruddock and producer Shelley Ruddock. Sanjeev Kohli, Samuel Clemens, Marie Everett, and Rozelle Gemma also star. The story is by Tom Ruddock and Dr Matthew Mills.

This debut feature from the filmmaking duo is set in an overpopulated world which is becoming increasingly digitised, with all analogue imagery restricted and replaced with a new technology called ‘The Eyelight’. In The Draw, two uncompromising characters try to navigate the system in a game that fights back.

Caroline Couret-Delègue, Managing Director of Film Seekers, says, “We are delighted to be able to present The Draw to buyers at the Marché du Film. The exciting debut of promising filmmaker Tom Ruddock is a poignant and thrillingly smart look at the continual integration of technology into all facets of our lives and feels all too close to the current trajectory of our future.”

Shelley Ruddock, producer, adds, “We wanted to create an energizing and thought-provoking film that explores the rise of technology and how it connects us so quickly, yet we somehow seem more and more dissociated with each other. The film is a conversation on human connection and relationship with the thrilling challenge of what the future might hold, in our rapidly fast paced society. We’re really excited to launch The Draw into the Cannes Market.”

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