A new podcast well worth checking out has been launched. It is presented by FrightFest co-director Paul McEvoy and produced by legendary UK genre filmmaker Jake West (Mancunian Man).

Stark Raving Cinema is a guest-based series that starts with celebrated filmmaking duo Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson (Something in the Dirt) and actor/director/novelist Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories). Next up, on May 28th, is a special interview with Issa Lopez (Tigers Are Not Afraid).

Further guests lined up for Season 1 include Ted Raimi (Failure!), Ti West (Pearl), Corin Hardy (The Nun), Brandon Cronenberg (Infinity Pool), Roxane Mesquida (Rubber), Steve Oram (Sightseers), Jennifer Reeder (Knives & Skin) and Joanne Mitchell (Bait).

Paul said: “Stark Raving Cinema’s mission is to entertain and showcase the most exciting guests working in all sectors of the creative industries. The podcast will cover movies, music, TV, songs, bands, books and graphic novels, and our guests will talk about the experiences of pop culture that influenced them to become the creators they are today”.

Jake added: “Listeners will soon be compiling lists of the recommendations that influenced some of the most creative people working in the industry today!

You can listen online via Linktree or on the website. The podcast will also be available via Spotify and other major platforms. Stark Raving Cinema is presented by Paul McEvoy and produced by Jake West, with original music by renowned film composer Simon Boswell (Santa Sangre). Award-winning designer and animator Ashley Thorpe (Borley Rectory) provided the graphic design, and the web design and digital content were created by up-and-coming director Aaron Truss (Pareidolia).

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