Last year, Eli Roth’s seasonal slasher Thanksgiving was one of 2023’s tastiest horror treats, and in 2025 it has already been announced that he’s back with second helpings. Joining Roth at the feast will fellow co-screenwriter Jeff Rendell too!

However, we now have a few more details on this upcoming sequel, as it looks like Thanksgiving 2 will be carving further into the story from the last film, rather than being a completely unconnected follow-up (in the vein of many other past slasher sequels).

In a talk with Games Radar, Nell Verlaque and Rick Hoffman both suggested they’d be returning for the sequel, with Verlaque adding, “I think that it’ll be a continuation of where we last saw [Jess]. When I’ve spoken to Eli about what he wants to do, I think he wants to flesh out the characters a lot”.

So, it seems like John Carver will be back for vengeance against some of the ones that escaped his demented dinner last time!

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