News Book | Written by Ed Fortune 14/07/2019

Tasha Suri wins the Brave New Words Award

Starburst Magazine is delighted to announce that Tasha Suri has won 2019’s Brave New Words Award for her debut novel, Empire of Sand. It was presented at Edge Lit in Derby, 13th July.

The novel is the story of Mehr , a girl trapped between two cultures. Her father comes from a noble bloodline, but her mother's people were spirit worshipping Amrithi nomads. Caught between two worlds and two cultures, things become more complex when the spirits of the sand and the gods themselves interfere with Mehr’s destiny and the path of her heart. It is stunning and there is something there for everyone.

The Brave New Words book prize goes to an individual, not a specific work. Like all of the Starburst Awards (such as the ones presented at the Starburst Film Festival), it’s designed to encourage new and exciting work. The judges are always looking for examples that most define the creators output. The award goes to someone who produces break-out literature that is new and bold, and breaks new ground. We felt Empire of Sand most exemplified these values.

Tasha’s acceptance speech said "I'm so surprised and thrilled to win the Brave New Words Award. Right now, SFF is full of amazing new voices, producing innovative, clever and yes - brave - works. To be one of those voices is a privilege, and to be recognised for it is an even bigger one. So I just want to give a massive thank you to the judging panel, Starburst Magazine, and my publisher Orbit. Thank you for this wonderful award!”