Well, this sounds all kinds of fantastic. Yes, as the headline suggests, a Scott Pilgrim vs. the World animated series could be on the way.

Director Edgar Wright revealed this intriguing nugget during an interview with Entertainment Weekly where Wright was discussing the 10th anniversary of his 2010 picture.

Explaining how he and Scott Pilgrim creator Bryan Lee O’Malley have been tossing around ideas for the IP, Wright said, “There’s some plans – and there’s nothing official yet – but there are some plans to revisit the material in an animation way. We’ve been talking with Bryan and with Jared [LeBoff – producer] for a while. What if we did something with the books in anime form? It’s being discussed as we speak.”

For fans of Wright’s all-kinds-of-fun adaptation of O’Malley’s source material, excitement was high at the prospect of seeing Scott Pilgrim vs. the World return to the silver screen for anniversary showings this coming August.

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing global pandemic, those plans have been put on hold indefinitely. Still, the plan is for Scott Pilgrim to return to the silver screen for those anniversary screenings at some point in the future.

As ever, expect more on this possible Scott Pilgrim vs. the World animated series if and when it develops further.

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