News News TV | Written by Laura Potier 26/02/2021

Stephen’s King THE JAUNT to be adapted into series

Fear the Walking Dead co-creator Dave Erickson is turning Stephen King’s The Jaunt into a television series for MRC Television.

Based on the 1981 short story which King originally published in The Twilight Zone Magazine, The Jaunt explores a future where teleportation, called ‘jaunting’, has become a commonplace technology and has allowed humans to colonise the solar system. The key is that travellers must be under complete anaesthesia while jaunting, lest they become mad or die. It’s theorised that while jaunting seems almost instantaneous, to a conscious mind it lasts an eternity. Time stands still and a traveller loses their mind.

Erickson will adapt The Jaunt as part of a multi-year contract with MRC. MRC Television President Elise Henderson writes that “we’ve long admired Dave’s visionary creative work… a true master of his craft, he’s the ideal partner to build upon the work of Stephen King, and create and develop more originals as the studio continues to expand.”

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