The winners of the Starburst Brave New Words Award and the Starburst Hero Award for Literature have been announced.

The awards were  part of the opening programming for Octocon 2020: The National Irish Science Fiction Convention via their Twitch stream. The awards were announced by the award-winning comedian John Robertson. The full ceremony was online and the video is embedded below.

The winner of the Brave New Words Award this year is Nisi Shawl for her work on editing New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by People of Color. The judges felt that Nisi had brought together an astonishing collection that challenged the readers and opened them up to new perspectives and ideas. This is very much what the Brave New Words Award is about.

The award is special version of Starburst Magazine’s own Robotto award, a shiny metal robot.

The Starburst Hero Award went to Commissioning Editor Jenni Hill.The Starburst Hero Award For Literature is an award for an outstanding contribution to genre literature. Specifically it’s aimed at people who are active in the industry and doing great work that helps change and improve the shape of genre literature. This year it is a leather shield, designed by Jez Hunt, a reknowned leather worker who produces outstanding work for fantasy movies.

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