wyrmwood apocalypse

Post-apocalyptic sequel Wyrmwood Apocalypse starts as it means to go on: with showers of blood and a violent confrontation. Although the story follows from the 2014 movie, there’s no necessity to have seen that to enjoy this onslaught of carnage.

Our protagonist here is Rhys (Luke McKenzie), who works his way through this dystopia by delivering people he has captured to the Surgeon (Nicholas Boshier), who claims to be looking for a cure to the zombie-like condition that causes the infected to become murderously enraged. The reality is much different, however.

Once again directed and co-written by Kiah Roache-Turner (with sibling Tristan acting as co-writer), Wyrmwood Apocalypse descends further to Mad Max meets Day of the Dead territory. Coming from Down Under as it does, we like to think this could perhaps be taking place in the same universe as George Miller’s classic movies. Despite the nihilistic and simple scenario, the Roache-Turners have managed to craft an immersive ride that carries the momentum of the first instalment, despite a seven-year difference. Fans of the first film will be glad to see a few returning faces, and will also be pleased to see the half-human-half-zombies are just as terrifying as ever. The Surgeon’s lab and the nefarious goings-on add another gruesome element, and those who love their undead terrors nice and gory will not be disappointed. There’s still a big portion of black humour on display, too, as all the elements fall into place nicely.

Tim Nagle’s cinematography is once more an impressive, fluid part of proceedings. The brothers Roache-Turner have produced another gory, glorious homage to the golden age of Ozploitation that is more than capable of standing on its own feet as well as being a fun nod to its antipodean cinematic heritage.

Wyrmwood Apocalypse is released on DVD and Digital from 101 Films on May 16th