Reviews | Written by EdFortune 03/04/2021



It seems almost incredible that DC comics super-hero Wonder Woman celebrates her 80th anniversary this year. The character is as dynamic and as interesting as ever, and this had made for a lovely excuse for Wizkids to launch a range of models for their family friendly super hero combat game, Heroclix.

The Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Booster Boxes are blind boxes containing five pre-painted models for the Heroclix game. Each comes attached to a special clicky base that makes it easier to play the game. The pieces themselves are at roughly the 25mm scale, dynamically posed and both the design and paint jobs are very good.

As you might expect, the range is absolutely filled with characters connected to Wonder Woman. We get several versions of the amazing Amazon herself of course. It is fantastic how different they are to each other and you can easily spot which era they’re from if you know the character at all. This release also includes some Green Lantern Corp related models, including  a version of Wonder Woman wielding the power of the  Star Sapphire.

In addition to some versions of Superman and the Green Lantern corp, we get plenty of new models pulled out of the Wonder Woman comics, including gods and similar from the Greek Pantheon. We particularly enjoyed the over-sized minotaur in a trench-coat, who is also a bit of a bruiser in the game. Hades joins in on the fun, though this a particularly malefic version of the character and uses Wizkid’s sculpting and design to full effect to create something rather sinister.  We also have to mention that Etta Candy gets her own model and as you’d expect, she’s a great support character for the table as well as an big bundle of joy.  It’s the classic version of the character from the early comics and it brings a lot of fun to the range.

They are some lovely nods here; for example Lex Luthor holds a paper that honour’s Isaac Arnold-Berkovits, the world’s youngest Heroclix World Champion.  This is a range full of little touches that will delight both Wonder Woman fans and gamers equally.

Rules wise, there’s not a heck of a lot of new stuff here; Heroclix has been a stable game for quite some time. The nicest touch are the accerssories; some of the models come with things such as Wonder Woman’s armour or lasso, as separate models with their own rules.  Each model comes with a rules reference card making it incredibly easy to pick up the game. (If you’ve not played the game, you may want to consider the Wonder Woman starter set which is, quite frankly, one of the best sets Wizkids has ever done.)

As we’ve come to expect, the release also includes a Dice and Token Pack. This includes two nice and chunky six-sided dice (with the Wonder Woman 80th logo attached)  and six poker chips. These can be used as action tokens for the game and on one side are decorated with iconic Wonder Woman characters. The other side has stats for bystander characters (also known as pogs)

Overalll, this is a great new set and it’s nice to see Heroclix really knock it out of the park for one of the biggest characters in the world of DC Heroes.


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