Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 02/11/2022

Wizkids – Critical Role:  Monsters of Exandria One

One of the things that has made Critical Role the cult hit that it is today is that though it sticks to a lot of the monsters familiar to fans of D&D, the show has also introduced thousands of D&D players to new and interesting horrors, which has delighted Dungeon Masters across the hobby.  Wizkids have produced two Critical Role monster sets so far, so more tactical players can figure out exactly how to beat these horrors.   As expected, these are pre-painted, durable minis at the approximately 28mm (heroic) scale. Let’s take a look at set one.

Osysa and Kamaljiori are the charismatic sphinxes encountered by the Vox Machina team as they quest for the Vestiges of Divergence, the god-like artifacts that feature heavily in Critical Role. Osysa is pale and Kamaljiori is dark, but both are quite impressive beasts. Osysa is posed in a more relaxed, cat-like form whereas their mate, Kamaljiori bears the sort expression and pose that makes you think someone has just got a riddle wrong.

Nahla is the nymph rescued by Grog when the Vox Machina team go into the Feywild. The model is slight, blue and naked, with hair covering up anything that would raise eyebrows. Staying with the Feywild monsters, this set includes Iotha, the tiny pixie who tries to make Grog into an ornament. It’s a nicely done mini, with a low-level flying stand and decently done wings, that aren’t translucent for a change.

Ukurat is another feywild denizen, a werewolf depicted in this set in full half-man, half-wolf war form. It’s a large creature, posed in the full howl, with a nicely decorated loin cloth.  The paint job is quite good and it looks like a good ‘boss monster’ piece.

Artagan is another large feywild figure, but also one of the more important pieces in this set, as this ArchFey also features significantly in Campaign Two. The trickster like fey is dressed in green and white, and posed in a contemplative way, with it’s ginger locks flowing. It’s a fun piece, and a knowing nod to further campaigns. It’s a very specific sort of model, so may be of limited use for some DMs, but a must for Critical Role fans.

A similarly large (but very different) model is Utugash, the pit fiend. This a big, red, muscle bound devil with a huge axes and looks to be laughing. Described as slovenly in the show, it looks like this Utugash has hit the gym. It’s still great model for the table.

Hotis is the humanoid cat-like monster who tricks the Vox Machina team (mostly Vax) throughout the early parts of Campaign One (and has a very brief appearance in the cartoon). The model is posed in full combat stance, dagger drawn, mouth as if to rage, making it both a great character piece and fun for encounters on the table.

Overall a fun and useful set, likely to appeal to collectors and fans alike.