Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 23/10/2021

The Witchlight Carnival Dice & Miscellany

It’s become a standard thing that when a D&D adventure book is released, we also get a deluxe box of dice to accompany it.  The Wild Beyond the Witchlight is all about the fey, spooky shenanigans and childhood mischief. The accompanying Dice set reflects this quite well.

The box is essentially two rolling trays for your dice. One to put the dice somewhere so they don’t scatter all over the table and another to actually roll the dice in so the don’t bounce around and get lost in the middle of that critical roll.  The lid has a butterfly wing motif, with a sparkly gold-style pattern and the Witchlight logo on the front. The bottom half of the box is darker and features the D&D ampersand logo. The two combine the ‘light and dark’ themes of the carnival. They’re sturdily built with felt lining and should withstand normal dice rolling and will protect the table from getting scratched.

The dice are ‘pumpkin orange’, that slightly translucent orange that isn’t really found in nature but is found on Halloween themed toys. Tiny motes of glitter are set into the plastic, so they sparkle like faerie gold when you hold them. The numbers are inked in a metallic purple and the font is the clear and easy to read. We get four six-siders, two twenty-siders, two-ten siders (each inked differently to work as percentiles), one twelve-sider, one eight-sider and one four-sider. Basically all the dice you'll need to play D&D.

Also in the box is a map of the carnival, which has a nice picture of carnival goers on the other side. Given that you have to cut the map out of the back of the book to use it, this is a better choice. We get nineteen ‘flash cards’ that highlight NPCs, monsters and challenges from the game. These are handy references for a DM and you can also show them to the players in case you don’t think a description will cut it. This is a handy way of showing the players what’s going on without having to manhandle your copy of the adventure book.

Much like IceWind Dale Dice, Explorer’s Kit and the Baldurs Gate Dice , the Witchlight Carnival Dice and Miscellany is not an must-have purchase, but it is a useful add-on, and a great bonus for fifth edition D&D fans.