Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 13/04/2021


PUBLISHER: WIZKIDS | RELEASE DATE: OUT NOW   It’s a cliché that all fantasy adventures begin in the pub. It is a handy way to start an adventure however; put one mysterious stranger in the corner of a tavern and watch your D&D party queue up to get a quest. Of course, if you’re the sort of gamer who likes having props for their bar brawls and similar tavern related escapades, you’ll want some miniature pieces to add to all that.   Warlock Tiles Accessory  -  Tavern is the usual sort of fantasy miniature scale scenery we’ve come to expect from Wizkids; a mix of generically useful and also quite niche pieces that will let any games master concoct the right sort of scenario for their party.  So in this set we get different shapes of tavern bar (all the better for sliding opponents across during a brawl) as well as barkeep, as well stuff like a bear skin rug, a rooster, a fireplace (that cames with it’s own model of a fire to go in it) and so on.  They are also a couple of beds; this is a tavern after all.   We also get some very small bits, such as tiny glasses and pieces of bread loaf to add to the whole tavern effect.  This entire set is extremely useful when combined with the Town and Village set , which essentially gives you an entire first floor of building to put your tavern inside.   As always, the sculpts and paint jobs on the pieces are very nice and the whole thing is visually appealing. Theatre of the mind is all well and good, but sometimes you want to actually see where the action is happening and as all action starts in the Tavern, this is an excellent place to start.

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