Reviews | Written by EdFortune 08/01/2021


Scenery for table-top gaming can be a huge investment. For a game played mostly with the imagination, there’s something a little bit special about being able to see and touch the game-world. For miniature gamers, good scenery is vital; it lifts the experience to another level, turning a mix of paint, plastic and imagination into an experience that other types of games can’t even touch.

Town & Village II is a new set from the Warlock Tiles series. It’s a pre-painted, click together set that pretty much allows you to create any given interior of a fantasy building, be it a church, tavern, meeting room, secret den for cultists and so on. This set has full height plaster-style walls, which means your heroes can find plenty of spaces to hide, and figuring out line of site becomes easy.

The attention to detail here is both pretty and important. Each piece works well with all the others, making this a fantasy version of LEGO. We get accessories (lanterns and weapons) to go up on the wall and the doors and windows can be manipulated so you can have smaller windows and doors that open. The whole thing has a ‘playset’ feel and it’s really easy to put together. They’ve designed the floors in such a way that you have a great many options for various encounters. Tables, chairs etc are something you'll have to pick up seperately; the set lets you create the actual place your party will adventure in.

As set-dressing for a fantasy roleplaying game, be it D&D, Blades In The Dark, Runequest or anything else, this is a lot of fun. Easy to store (it has it’s own case), easy to put together and it looks great. It might be a little much for certain sorts of skirmish games but it’s great for anything that requires a lot of tactical thinking. This is yet another fine scenery set from Wizkids, and we highly recommend it.

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