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Ed Fortune
Indomitus Warhammer 40,000


The keenly anticipated next edition of Warhammer 40,000 has finally arrived in the form of a new ‘big box of models’ called Indomitus. Big is putting it mildly.

This is not a ‘starter’ set, unlike previous editions. They are plenty of resources for those new to the game already on sale and online. Instead this is a ‘launch set’. New models and a new rule book, but no dice, measuring sticks etc. This is a box for those who already play 40K who want to get stuck into the latest edition. As such the models aren’t produced with new fans in mind, though they aren’t hard to assemble.

We get 24 Space Marines and 37 Necrons. Or to put it another way, grimdark human super soldiers in gothic style armour and undead-alien robots powered by cosmic horror. The marines are all in the modern ‘primaris’ style, which means they look better proportioned. These things are absolutely gorgeous. The generic troops on both sides are solidly built and look striking and evocative. The ‘hero’ models, such as Space Marine Chaplain and Judiciar are well posed, filled with modelling possibility and will take you as much time as you want to paint. Each is a potential big deal painting project because they’re so detailed. (Though you can do a ‘battle ready’ basic job easily if you wish). The big chunky Outrider bikes are fun to assemble and look like they’ve come straight from the pages of a gritty sci-fi comic book.

The Necron models are refreshing, especially as this is a range that hasn’t been updated in a while. The Canoptek Reanimator is a chilling take on the old alien tripod idea and not only is it really cool looking, it’s really easy to put together. All of these robot horrors are beefy looking and easy to handle yet they look like impossible terrors from beyond the stars. The Overlord model and its court look like something ancient and evil and again, a fun project to assemble and paint. Also, we get swarms of scarabs, tiny little horrors that will give any seasoned 40K commander pause. They’re clearly designed to be used in bulk, which is nice.

In addition to a lot of plastic toy soldiers, we get three books. One is an assembly guide (which is straight forward). The Edge of Silence is a 24-page rulebook that covers the models in the box and gives a little bit of backstory. Rules wise, the Judiciar, Assault Intercessors and Bladeguard models all open up potential new close assault tactics for modern Space Marine players. On the Necron side it’s a brave new world of slaughter. They are now truly the relentless killing machines that just keep coming back. They also now have plenty of support options, making it easier for a busy commander to keep his warriors engaging the foe throughout the game.

The final book is the 368-page Warhammer 40,000 Core Book. This version has a striking cover unique to the box, and it’s a solid hardback filled with full colour illustrations. About half the book is setting and background. They are lots of colour photos of brilliantly painted models and gorgeous illustrations throughout. The idea is to fill a gamer’s head with new ideas and inspiration. They are plenty of warzones in Warhammer’s grim dark galaxy and they cover pretty much every sci-fi war story you can think of. You need ideas? This book has you covered.

Rules wise, this is a super-refinement of 8th edition. Flyers now make sense (and can do strafing runs), morale actually matters (good news for horde armies), melee feels smoother and terrain is just as important as it always has been. Army design look more involved but that’s so play is smoother on the table. Lots of little rules have been made easier so it stops being about counting up all the conditions. They’ve struck the balance between tournament gamers (who need detailed rules because they’re in competition) and narrative gamers (who want the game to be fun and not bogged down.) It’s easily the best iteration of Warhammer 40,000 produced, and yes, we include Rogue Trader in that list.

Indomitus is peak Games Workshop, a collection of finally balanced products that will satisfy any 40K fan. If you like Warhammer, get this box.

Ed Fortune

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