Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 27/10/2020



Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are one of the most well-regarded comedy duos in the world. The team have starred in many genre-savvy movies and shows together and have a memorable on-screen chemistry that immediately sells any given story. Though Truthseekers stars both Pegg and Frost, it is not a return of the famous double act, instead it feels more like their passing of the torch to new talent. It’s also one of the best supernatural comedies we’ve seen.

Nick Frost plays Gus, an ageing broadband engineer who has an interest in all things strange, including the likes of number stations and anomalous phenomena. He is obsessed with ghosts and we learn early on that his obsession comes from personal tragedy. His boss Dave (Simon Pegg) pairs Gus up with a young chap called Elton (Samson Kayo). Though technically Gus is only supposed to show Elton how to fix people’s internet, the pair quickly become a pair a ghost-hunters. Turns out ghosts cause havoc with Wi-Fi…

Along the way Gus picks up other young friends until we end up with a Scooby Gang of spook busters, all crammed into Gus’s van. These include the sardonic Richard (Malcolm McDowell) and the angst-ridden Helen (played by the brilliantly funny Susan Wokoma).

Each episode is both ‘spook of the week’ and part of a growing arc plot that stacks up into a greater mystery. We also learn more about the gang; each has a secret and regret. This is a show about how damaged, lonely people end up coming together over a fascination of weird things and haphazard adventures, interspersed with genuinely funny moments. A future pop-culture classic.

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