Reviews | Written by Martin Unsworth 09/06/2022


Social media ‘personality’ Jessie (Brittany Clark) and her boyfriend David (Zebedee Row) are heading for a nice, romantic getaway. Unfortunately, they suffer a flat tire after they stop to peruse an antique store. They manage to get to a nearby hotel, which, since there’s no sign of any other guests, happens to have a room for the night. Greeted by the manager, Salim (a distinctly creepy Rajeev Varma, who plays the 'rabbit in the headlights' look excellently), they are warned that a storm is heading their way and they could be in for a wild night. The fact that the hotel is possessed by a demon that loops previous murders and has its sights on the couple will guarantee that.

Co-directors Bobby Francavillo and Kevin Rhoades, working from Mel Hagopain’s screenplay, throw everything at The Overnight. While there’s some potential, the bloated script and hackneyed dialogue derail things as the movie progresses. The exposition makes things as clear as mud, and while the directors have attempted an enigmatic feel, it ends up as confused as the viewer. This is a shame, as the setting and most of the actors are very effective at conveying their roles. They’re let down by a movie that’s trying too hard to be The Shining when it ends up more like a poor Amityville sequel.

The Overnight is creepy enough for a good-humoured watch, but serious horror fans will be left wanting.

  The Overnight is available on digital in the US.