Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 17/08/2022

Scottish Falsetto Socks: Eurovision Sock Contest – Edinburgh Fringe

The Socks (aka artist for The Beano  Kevin F Sutherland ) have been a consistent part of the Edinburgh Fringe since 2007, and their geeky credentials are well-established, they can even be found in the DVD extras for various Doctor Who discs. The Socks are a National Treasure, by any reasonable definition.

In case it’s not obvious, the Socks are a comedy act in which two sock puppets argue comedically with each other for about an hour. Along the way we get some very silly word-play, a whole load of daft gags and hear some silly songs. And before you ask, yes, socks can play guitar, even though their arms don’t actually seem to move.

As the Edinburgh Fringe triumphantly returns to its various venues, it’s lovely to see The Socks return to their spiritual home of the Gilded Balloon and unleash their latest piece of nonsense, Scottish Falsetto Socks: Eurovision Sock Contest.

As you might expect, this is a show with even more songs than usual and is very heavily influenced by one of the world’s most beloved (and most ridiculous) events, Eurovision.  The show is essentially an hour of very silly jokes,  just the right number of puns and a spot-on pastiche of Euro-pop in all it’s glory. There’s also a light bit of improv, which just about works (and the fact that it’s two socks doing improv is part of the gag.)

There is quite a bit of fun poked at our European neighbours, but an equal amount of humour directed toward the UK and our attitude to the whole thing. And in case you’re wondering where the show lies on the question of European Union, one of the songs is called ‘Stick Your Brexit Up Your Arse’.

Scottish Falsetto Socks: Eurovision Sock Contest is very Scottish, very silly and very European.  Given that the Socks are such a main-stay of the Edinburgh Fringe, can you really claim to have been to the Fringe if you haven’t seen the socks?  Go see this show, either at the fringe or when they tour later this year. You will laugh out loud, a lot.

You can find out more about The Socks via this link.