Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 24/11/2021

Scalextric – Back to the Future Part 2 – DeLorean

The DeLorean from Back to the Future is one of the most iconic vehicles in cinematic history.  The modified DMC car sees Doc Brown and Marty McFly through some rather memorable adventures, all with a highly distinctive sense of style.  Obviously it’s a perfect candidate to be made into a Scalextric replica. Not only does it fill you a lovely sense of nostalgia, you can also race it against  the Batmobile, or any other Scalextric car you may own.

It doesn’t fly, it’s a slot car. Also the gull wing doors don’t open, because the doors don’t normally open on Scalextric vehicle.  Nor does it go back in time if you drive the vehicle very, very fast. Instead what happens when you drive as fast as it will go is that you have a lot of fun, though as this is slot car racing, there is a chance the thing will fly off at a bend and scare the cat.  The lights do turn on when you race it and it does travel very smoothly. It’s light and solid enough to be competitive.

And yes, whilst testing this at Starburst Towers we did find ourselves saying ‘Great Scott!’ a lot and quoting various bits of the movie trilogy. That’s the point of this beautifully detailed toy; it will let relive the movies through play, no matter how old you are.

It is very, very highly detailed. You can see Marty McFly at the steering wheel through the window. It features the Mr Fusion energy reactor at the back and the various power lines and other modifications that the Doc made to vehicle. It has all the ridiculous flair of the classic DeLorean car as well as the eye-catching fun of the movie car.

The model comes in a handy display case, and you can lock it down for ease of transport. The case is mostly transparent but pops open easily. It looks lovely on a shelf and is just about secure enough to keep it safe from toddlers and pets. The vehicle comes with all the modern Scalextric features; it ready for a traditional set-up but if you want to go digital or wireless, it’s completely compatible with those systems.

It's fast. It’s fun. It’s very silly.  This would make an exceptional gift for the older, highly-nostalgic sci-fi fan in your life (or better yet, a great Christmas gift for yourself).