Reviews | Written by Ben Bradley 16/11/2021


There have been plenty of films that ask the question ‘what happens when we die?’ in their premise. This inventive independent British film punches well above its weight and is a welcome entry to the afterlife thriller subgenre.

Ryan (Tom England) is a lecturer who, in his spare time, is working on a telepathy machine in his garage. By accident, he finds the contraption allows the dead to speak to him. He becomes obsessed with it and even displays it at performances at the university. His fixation gets dark when his daughter disappears from school. He and his wife, Emily (Charlotte Ritchie) have exhausted every lead, but would using his device make them admit the worst to themselves?

Repeat is a great example of using a high concept to underpin a powerful, heartfelt story. Written and directed by Richard Miller, the story focuses less on what’s on the other side as it does the emotional impact the machine is having on Ryan and Emily’s life. Not only do they have to deal with the stress of their daughter being missing, but their relationship is suffering too.

It’s as all the narrative strands are pulled together in the disorientating final act that the movie rises above its humble origins. It’s a confident, bold film with a satisfying conclusion that packs a hell of an emotional blow.

Repeat is available on digital platforms.