Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 26/11/2021

Micro Scalextric James Bond Set ‘No Time To Die’

There’s something about Bond that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Bond himself can easily be seen as a piece of a past that never was, brought to life. Bond and fancy cars have always been synonymous with each other, you simply can’t have 007 without a fast car.

So of course, it’s a perfect candidate for Scalextric tie-in. The Micro Scalextric James Bond Set 'No Time To Die'  is clearly aimed kids of all ages.   It’s a compact little piece. It’s Micro Scalextric which means the entire thing is powered by AA batteries and that makes it a lot safer for curious fingers. It’s intended for anyone old enough to play with toy cars.

You get two Micro Scalextrix cars.  An Aston Martin DB5 and the Jaguar XF. These are nice looking toy cars; they aren’t as detailed as some as the larger pieces available, but they aren’t meant too be; they’re intended to be handled and played with, rather than mostly look pretty on the shelf.  They do look the part however, thanks to clever sculpts and a smart paint job. The windows are tinted and they connect to the tracks with a nice magnetic pull. They’re surprisingly heavy for small toy cars. Don’t under-estimate them though, they’ll whizz across the tracks super-fast.

The tracks slot together easily (it’s almost like it’s child’s play).  The track is over 4 meters long in total, though you’re going to be configuring it into various runs and curves. You can even do a loop-the-loop, which is just silly fun. The hand controllers are intended to be comfortable in smaller hands, though adults will find them pretty simple to use; they do limit the speed to an extent so combined with the magnetic features of the cars, you’re unlikely to fire an Aston Martin out across the living room. It’s fun to try though.

This set will not make you a secret agent, but it will make you whistle the famous theme tune and quote various lines from the movies, often in a slurred Scottish accent.  Slap on your favourite Bond movie, set up this (very portable) toy racing game and zap those cars around the track until the batteries run out. Fun for family, friends and the secret agent in your life.