Reviews | Written by Martin Unsworth 28/08/2022

MEAN SPIRITED [FrightFest 2022]

YouTuber ‘Amazing’ Andy (Will Madden) makes prank videos and accepts an invitation to spend the weekend with his former partner and school friend Bryce (director and co-writer Jeff Ryan). Bryce has become a Hollywood star and Andy is clearly jealous but treats his mate as a sell-out. Bringing some friends and his regular cameraman to make a ‘vlogumentary’ exposing Bryce, but bigger things are afoot when past nightmares return.

Using the obnoxious vlogger approach, Mean Spirited raises slightly above the usual found footage movie. The more aware you are of the presentation styles that the film incorporates, the higher your enjoyment. The brashness doesn’t particularly lend itself to a full-length feature for those who are not invested in that lifestyle and staging. As things progress and the story leans into a more demonic range, it gets much more interesting. The characters are more annoying than endearing, which doesn’t really give us much emotional attachment when they are in peril, which is a shame as when things kick off, it’s a lot more fun.