Reviews | Written by John Townsend 08/11/2021


We’ve reached the mid-point in the Apple TV+ drama and, as an audience, we’re beginning to encounter more questions than answers. Part of Invasion’s publicity revolved around a real-time approach to real characters, experiencing a world-changing event through the eyes of normal people. A problem arises when the passage of time becomes an unknown: the world seems to be heading towards dystopia with looting and anger becoming prevalent, while the Lord of the Flies inspired schoolkids were stuck in a quarry for what only seems like a day. Are there different timelines?

And where are the invaders? We’ve had a glimpse of something in the dark, and the President of the United States is now using the ‘A’ word on television, but how do they know? And why doesn’t Japan appear to be affected? So far, JASA scientist Mitsuki has felt peripheral but at least she now seems to be the only one trying to do something, whatever her motivations might be.

Trevante is still trying to find a friendly face, while Aneesha gets to do some doctoring, but this episode feels largely like we as the audience are in a holding pattern. We’re being teased with what’s to come, but at this stage in the series, we really could do with something to sweeten the passing of time. This is a ‘getting from point A to point B’ episode, one to (slowly) advance the plot but without any real narrative necessity. With this and the slightly disappointing previous episode, Invasion needs to find its feet again. It looks great, the music is immersive, but we need some content to maintain that interest.

Invasion is available to stream on AppleTV+

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